Saturday, March 24, 2007

What's Up.....................

Yesterday was Emily's birthday. She turned 12 yrs old! My how life spins by. It is hard to believe that she is getting so old. Life goes by way too fast! This year her birthday marked a special event for her. Several years ago a state law was passed that children had to ride in the back seat of cars until they turned 12 because of airbags in cars. So yesterday, I drove her to school (which was in itself a special deal) and she rode in the front seat. She loved it! It is nice that sometimes the simple things in life makes someone happy. I also had flowers sent to her at school. She said that when they called her to the office she was scared---now why would that be---guilty of something! haha! This is her weekend to be with Dad, so last night I drove her to Augusta---hope he does something special for her this weekend!

On another note---I went on another speed dating event Thursday night. I have done this twice now in a year and it hasn't really produced much. I had a good time. The whole concept is pretty intriguing. You get to meet around 12 people and if anything, you can meet some interesting people. I met someone that has raced in America Cups several times over his life time. I have meet some losers (at least in my opinion), but on the whole, nice people. At this point I am waiting for my 'matches' to see who was interested. Time will tell---and just so that no one worries about me---I am only looking for adventure and nothing else! As my name says---I am HAPPY KK just the way I am! LOL
Well, until next

Friday, March 2, 2007

Friday Night and it is snowing again...............

It is Friday night and it has snowed all day long. Emily had her second snow day from school this year which is really good. The school figures in 5 snow days a school year. If we don't use all the snow days, the kids will get out a few days early in June. Kenny is getting married to Laurie in July and I haven't decided what I want to do for vacation. Last year I took the girls and Link on a kind of whirl wind vaca and we had a blast!!!

I am going to re-do my main floor bathroom this month. Since I have bought my house from the divorce, I have done maintenance work on something each year. The first fall Kenny, Scott, Link and I (who basically just bought the material and then supervised), put a metal roof on. That has taken care of the leaks (except for my skylight!!!). I also put base board heat in my house so that I do not have to have this huge blower in my dining room! Last year I bought all the materials to re-do my basement apartment. I now have that paid off so, now I can start on my living area.
So, I went to Lowe's last weekend and have pretty much decided what I want to do in the bathroom. Mom will be very impressed with my color choices. I think that I shall have a green tile floor with some shade of green walls. I want to buy a really nice pedestal sink and new toilet. Link will help me with those 2 items. I am looking forward to my first tile job. I think that it will be pretty easy. I think this project will take about 2 weekends. I am very excited to being able to start working on my house. My poor house has been neglected long enough. Unfortunately my money resources are low, so whatever work I do I have to put on credit. So my plan is to charge a project and pay it off, then start the next project....this will take time and I am starting with the smaller jobs.
Well, that is it for tonight...........
Until later....................kk

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!! It is snowing out and I called out sick at work. (A planned sick day---haha) We are supposed to get over 12 inches of snow. The first big storm of the season! Which is really sad since just the other day I heard the Chick-A-Dee's singing and thought that maybe the ground hog was right and spring would be early this year. Guess I was WRONG!!!!

Emily has no school today, so we get to play together, just the two of us. So far we have vegged out a little, play Disney Scene it and did our first shovel trip outside. Emily loves the outdoors and I am sure this afternoon she will get her sled out and go sledding.

Going now to watch a movie with my babe!!!
Until next time………………kk

Sunday, January 21, 2007

January 2007

What has happened in the last 20 days??? Well, Sarah has found her perfect wedding dress. She is not getting married until August of 2008, but got the fever. We went to the bridal store with Jenny and Cindy. Sarah had just planned on trying some dresses, not knowing she would find the perfect dress. When she came out of the dressing room her smiled just shined. We knew it was a winner!!!!

Emily has been sick for a little bit. At first I thought it was strep, but it turned out just being a 'viral' thing and nothing can be done, but to let it runs its course!

As for me----------well the New Year Resolutions have gone down the drain already---But I am not giving up! I will do it. Work is just the same, some good days, some bad days. Fortunately there seem to be more good than bad.

Winter has finally arrived---BBBRRRRRRR! But little snow so far. We had 2 storms this week and the weatherman called each a significant storm. Well, each only dropped between 2 & 5 inches----which is A-OK with me as I hate snow (when I have to shovel it and sometimes drive in it) I have actually gotten better about having to drive it the snow. :)
Until next time..............................kk

Sunday, December 31, 2006

The End of 2006

Today is New Years Eve Day and time to say good-bye to another year. 2006 was a very good year. Sarah graduated from High School and started her college experience. She is enjoying it very much. Sarah also got engaged in February to Link. Em started her trip through middle school and so far seems to be adjusting pretty good. Her first report card came about a month ago and she has made the honor role. She struggled through the first quarter but made it.

What can I say about myself in 2006----Well, I have survived single parenting and home ownership. In my personal life---there is no one significant and for me that is a very good thing. I am enjoying my single life and don't want to change that at all.

What are my goals for 2007????

It is really hard to say what is going to happen in 2007. A few resolutions that I am making tonight will be:

Truly quit smoking
Exercise---not only for my health, but just for general reasons too.

Those are the 2 big things---there are smaller things that I want to change and hope that getting healthy will help motivate me farther.

I will be ringing in the New Year with most of my family around me which is the most important thing in the world. I love my family and am very glad they are around me and very supportive and helpful through all my trials and tribulations. They mean the world to me!

Until next year--------------

Sunday, December 3, 2006

Day After the Church Fair

It's Sunday morning and I am enjoying my morning coffee! Yesterday, Emily and I helped Cindy again at her church fair. It is always a fun time! I have been helping the day of the fair since Ken was about 5 yrs old. Over the years the crowds have changed a lot. It seems that in the first years it was busy all day long. Now the crowds come in spurts. I personally think it may be because there are so many more craft fairs that people have to pick and choose where they want to go.

Until later...............................................

Thursday, November 30, 2006

My First Post

I was just cleaning out my Yahoo mail account and came across my brother's blog which I hadn't read for a long time.
It seems like just about everyone is getting into writing their own blogs. At this point I really don't know where this will take me, but it might be a fun adventure.
And with this I shall say good night.
Until the next time--------